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FireSide Chat - COVID-19

Disinfection and sanitization of Structural Firefighter PPE Exposed to COVID-19.

Cancer in the Fire Service: Policy Implications

This is a presentation on the risks of cancer and how to reduce the risk.

Cancer in Firefighters: Recent Research

This is a presentation why studying firefighters is important, and the recent studies that have been done.

Exposure Form

Documenting all of the potential cancerous exposures you've come in to contact with.

Presumptive Law Coverage for Cancer

State by state documentation on what is covered under law.

Firefighter Cancer Rates in America

View the poster to find out specific rates.

All Firefighters Face the Same Risks

Help FASNY extend cancer coverage to volunteers.

Stop Cancer

Follow these simple steps to prevent cancer.

Volunteered to Protect my Community

Help protect those who protect you.

Firefighters Face Cancer Rates Substantially Higher

The most likely causes are the chemicals emitted from regular household products when they burn.

Hazardous Job

Firefighters face more risk than other workers in developing these cancers.

PPE Supplement January 2019

A supplement to fire engineering.

Protect Yourself

Know your increased risks as a firefighter.

40 Plus Fire | PROSTATE CANCER Information for male firefighters age 40 and above who actively (or did) respond to fires:

Firefighters’ absorption of PAHs and VOCs during controlled residential fires by job assignment and fire attack tactic:

Understanding airborne contaminants produced by different fuel packages during training fires:

Firefighters’ and instructors’ absorption of PAHs and benzene during training exercises:

Cancer in the fire service - what we should know + what we should do: