St. Patrick’s Day Parade Clothing

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St. Patrick's Day Parade Clothing

Believe Family,

We will be requesting all volunteer firefighters and their families to walk with us in the Utica and Camden St. Patrick's Day Parades this year. We will be taking our trailer to Newport. This year we will be dedicating our walk to the 104 volunteer firefighters and ladies auxiliary members who we have gifted in their fight against cancer. We are asking all volunteer firefighters and EMT's to wear their helmets from their fire departments in a show of support for those still struggling and who have passed. If you are in need of Believe clothing for the parade we have that available for you. We accept cash or checks only. Please contact Vice President Fred Sherman at: 315-225-4201. We have had families in the past create their own memorabilia so we hope that tradition will continue. As we receive our lineup location we will blast it out on Facebook.

Hats: $20
Sweatshirts: $30